Omega 7 Litre Carbon Fibre Tank

This super light tank provides portable high pressure air for refilling your precharged airgun, at home or in the field. The high pressure system provides ample fills on any size airgun cylinder. This unit comes complete with the cylinder, valve and hose, making it ready to use with any standard 1/8" BSP adaptor (standard with most airguns). The new feature is the High Pressure, High Precision, High Performance (HP3) Valve. The HP3 Valve allows precise control of the fill rate, using a design that restricts the flow rate while filling an airgun, but has no restriction while refilling the cylinder. Included is a quality 2-inch, Stainless-Steel gauge that is oil filled and reads pressure in in both PSI and BAR. The DIN style valve comes complete with a 1 Meter long zero-kink hose, and includes an adapter to fit the valve, making this unit compatible with both hose and DIN style fills. PLEASE NOTE - we are waiting for European CE approved versions of these tanks to arrive in 2017/18.


  • 75 cubic foot capacity
  • 4500 psi fill pressure
  • Stainless Oil-Filled Gauge
  • Full 15-Year life*
  • DOT Certified
  • Slow Fill / Fast Refill Valve
  • DIN and 1/8" BSP capability
  • 1-Meter Zero-Kink Hose
  • Quick bleed valve release

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