September 3, 2018

There’s a fresh addition to the family of Omega Compressors available in the UK.

The new Omega TurboCharger, featuring dual piston technology, will quietly fill your bottles and rifles even more efficiently. The usual Omega fill times are cut almost in half, and the TurboCharger has some new, very useful features. 

The unit comes with four castors, which means it is effortless to move around, and two heavy duty handles which make for easy lifting. It comes in an attractive red carbon fibre finish.

The twin piston system has been designed so that should one piston start to run slowly, or stop, the other piston will continue to work. So, even a piston failure won’t prevent you filling your dive bottles.

The handles even have special tapered rubberised rings which can be moved up the handle to provide a soft rest on which to lay your bottle during filling.

The TurboCharger is available now...…... and the price, a snip at £2149, including vat

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