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GDL Goes to The Game Fair

The last weekend of July saw the GDL team head off to Ragley Hall in Warwickshire. The Game Fair (formerly the CLA Game Fair) was held at this magnificent stately home near Stratford upon Avon on a weekend where the weather was largely kind to both exhibitors and visitors.

The Omega SC-3 compressor was there, of course, and while it’s not the type of product customers walk off the stand with, a number of orders have followed since the weekend there.

GDL launched two new product lines – Shilba scopes and binoculars and Trento knives – both of which generated much interest and good sales.

GDL found itself next door to the ATEO airgun training ranges, so we were able to help fill their bottles when they ran empty!

ATEO Training

Filling bottles for ATEO

Also in the GDL tent was a traditional Bell Target range with three targets - one lit by candles!

The airguns used here were magificent, fully working Lincoln Jeffries Patents dating from around 1905.

Bell Target Shooter

Lincoln Jeffries Patent Airgun

The Game Fair included the usual clutch of unusual sights – including a camo kilted Scotsman, and a dog powered bicycle!

Camo Kilted Scotsman

Dog powered bike?

All great fun - but all very tiring!!

It's all been too much!

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