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The new Omega Trail Charger is a highly portable machine, running off a 12volt leisure/car battery. Included in the package is a 220-240v inverter, so you can run it on mains electricity. It is water cooled, rather than solely air cooled, which contributes to a substantially longer service life. Filling a rifle or pistol directly is hassle free, especially as there’s an auto shut-off system, which you set at your desired target pressure. This means you don’t have to hang around watching the pressure gauge as the compressor does its job! It will also top up small bottles such as 1.1litre or even 3 litre.

The TrailCharger features a water sight-glass, a grease pot for internal lubrication, a burst disc, a bleed valve to remove moisture, luminous gauge, breaker switch, cables for car or leisure battery use, inverter for home or office, carry handles and rubber feet... it can be run on its side if needs be.


Dimensions: 33 x 15 x 30

Weight: 12.81 kg

Price £749 inc vat

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