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The extras which will improve things and make your life that little bit easier.

The new Diablo Filter is black.
The Diablo Dry Air System

This is a fantastic in-line filter designed to remove the moisture from your compressor air supply and to maintain the clean and dry air required to charge your airguns safely.

Inside the Diablo is Molecular Sieve 13x Desiccant which is the highest absorbing desiccant on the market - it can absorb 26% of its own weight in water

The filter itself is 12" long and 2" in diameter.

Inside are 2 felt pads which collect dust particles. Also, there are small measures of blue indicating silica gel which change colour to indicate when it's full of water. The Molecular Sieve 13x Desiccant  can be easily oven-dried or replaced when its moisture limit is reached.

  • Made from 6061T6 Aluminum

  • Anodised exterior.

  • In-Line with quick connects

  • 16" Flexible Hose Included

  • Colour Changing Gel for Service Indicator

  • Stainless Steel Mesh Particle Filters

  • 4500 psi Working Pressure

  • Tested to 12,400 psig for Safety

  • Price £179.99 (incl VAT but not p&p)

Connector Bridge

While the Omega compressors replace the need for a large dive bottle, many customers will want still to fill their 200/300 bar bottles as normal.

Even though the Omega compressor has its auto cut-off dial, which should be set to 200 bar for 200 bar bottles, this solid bridge unit has two purposes: it provides a connection between the quick fit compressor hose & the larger Din hose connections for 200 & 300 bar bottles. Also, it provides a further safety valve 

(a 220 bar burst disc) on the 200 bar side which will shut off the flow into the tank in case the compressor auto cut-off has been left, mistakenly, at too high a level.    

Weighs over 2kg.                

The price is £219.99, if bought with the compressor. (incl VAT)

Purple Ice Top Up

We now have supplies of Purple Ice coolant which come in 15ml top-up bottles, the perfect amount for the SC-3a & AC-1a's water cooling system. You will need this if you ever drain or change the water in the compressor's system.

Purple Ice is a top class, premier cooling system optimiser, which gives enhanced protection and combats corrosion.

It works perfectly in a straight water mix, or in an anti-freeze/water mix.

£6.00 for a 15ml bottle

(incl VAT but not p&p)

Grease #0 Top Up Syringe

Renewable Lubricants Bio-Food Grade™ E.P. Grease #0 is the only grease recommended as suitable for the Omega piston units, and it's fed in through the new green port on the top of the compressor. This "Supreme High Temperature Food Grade Grease" has been specially formulated to operate in extremely high temperatures & exceeds the capabilities of most  standard grease/oils. It has excellent adhesion/cohesion properties and is made to a rust and oxidation- inhibited formula that is very resistant to water.


A top up syringe of the #0 is supplied with the compressor. However, eventually that will run out, at which point, we now have additional grease syringes available.  


The price is £9.00 for a 10ml syringe

(incl VAT but not p&p)

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