May 15, 2018

Those happy people down at Suffolk Air Rifles near Ipswich are doing a great job!

This is their 3rd open evening and finally the weather was good.

The first year they did this it rained, the second it snowed  - or was it the other way round - anyway they had to work hard against the elements as the elements worked against them.

This year the sun shone, the car park filled and everyone was much warmer and happier!

The airsoft range was busy (left) while youngsters on the airgun range were well looked after.

Such is the draw power of this event that Giles Barry from the Airgun Gear Show turned up all the way from the West Country. Also there, and having travelled even further was Charlie Jacoby from Fieldsports TV. he was in the car park with all sorts of FS TV gear for sale - the on-screen world isn't all glamour and red carpets! Meanwhile, Jake Peters from Range Right, the shooting supplies wholesaler, came all the way down from Harrogate (a 4 hour journey) to represent Kral Rif...

August 2, 2017

It was a great 3 days with lots of interesting people to meet. We think the GF was pretty good all round, even though we were so busy we barely left our stand down by airgun ranges near the main car park entrance to see the rest of it.

There was quite a lot of sunshine, some rain, some mud and lots and lots of visitors! I don't think all 130,000 stopped in to see our Omega Compressors in action - but it felt like it! As soon as we arrived on site each day, we had visitors asking to see and hear the compressor in action - some as early as 7.45am. We must say a Big Thank You to the ATEO who provided electricity for the compressors.

The SC-3a compressor proved such a hit that an airgun coach from the next stand bought one for cash!

Our new brand, Xabla Accessories, was showing off the Aztec Emerald 5.5-25x50 scope. This generated a lot of interest. You can expect reviews in GunMart and Airgunner magazines sometime in the near future.

And if you want to know what a happy novice air...

July 12, 2017

GDL will be appearing at the Game Fair in Hatfield Park (the grounds of Hatfield House) at the end of the month. You'll find us in the airgun marquee, on the way in from the main car park (A). Ross from GDL was down this week - 11th July - to help out with a site visit, and was able to see for himself the leafy spot where  the airgun ranges and marquee have been placed.

He said, "The main pedestrian entrance will be opposite the railway station - so it'll be sooo easy to turn up by train and just wander in. The main car park is the other side of the park, so cars and folk on foot should be able largely to avoid each other. It's a great site and I'm sure it will be popular". 

Hatfield House sits in an impressive rolling 10,000 acre park and woodland agricultural estate - where there have been deer since the 13th Century.

Please do come and visit us - get your hands on the new AirCharger

AC-1a compressor, and check out the classic SuperCharger. We'll be inside the airgun tent,...

June 1, 2017

Gilbert Distribution Ltd (GDL) has just launched a new website called There, you'll find various accessories such as spotting scopes and binoculars, including the famed Shilba brand - optics from Argentina, built with Japanese lenses at fantastic prices.

Pride of Place on the site though goes to a new scope from a new company - Aztec Optics from the USA.

The Aztec Emerald has been designed with airgunners in mind, but is robust enough to be used on rimfire and centrefire rifles. It comes in 5.5-20 x 50 and will focus down to 10 yards and up to infinity and has a detachable sidewheel:

The Aztec Emerald has been reviewed on YouTube by Matt Dubber in South Africa and Hard Air Magazine in the USA and they loved it.

Xabla is dedicated to finding fresh and innovative accessories that offer real value for money, so do keep on eye on their website.

May 12, 2017

The Northern Shooting Show (NSS) at Harrogate, North of England is the first major show of the summer season and so we decided to unveil our new AC-1a AirCharger compressor there over the weekend of May 6th/7th.

Thousands of visitors poured into the showground - there were many folk who had made a day out of it while others had travelled from much further afield. We met people from near London, Northern Ireland and Scotland who had made long trips to be there.

The AirCharger (AC-1a) is a basic version of the SuperCharger, without some of the features which make the SuperCharger so super. However, it does come in at a super price of just £1299! The AC-1a caused quite a stir with various shooting magazines taking pictures, wanting details and asking for machines for review. NSS visitors clamoured for more details and we took orders over the weekend for several machines. We expect the new stock in by the end of this month, so not too long to wait!

April 5, 2017

South Africa's Eastern Cape in March/April is a great place to be. The sun is shining, it's really warm (25-30C), and everyone is happy!

More importantly, Port Elizabeth is home to Matt Dubber of AirArms Hunting SA, whose many airgun videos are to be found on YouTube.

He recently reviewed our new basic model compressor,

The Air Charger AC-1a, which we're bringing to the UK later this year. So we braved lion, zebra and giraffe to meet up with Matt at Houbie Pier, down on the city's waterfront for coffee and a review of the airgun market in South Africa.

Matt does a lot of pest control on local farms outside of P.E., where he says airguns do a fantastic, quieter, and above all else, safer job than traditional rimfire and centrefire rifles.

The Air Charger has transformed his life, meaning he no longer has long, tiresome trips to the dive shop for refills, and it's particularly useful if he goes up country for a few days - he loads it in the car and can easily refill his rifles an...

February 27, 2017

It's probably the biggest hunting and shooting sports trade fair in the world - IWA Outdoor Classics takes place every year at the beginning of March in Nuremberg, Bavaria, in Germany. There are more than 1,450 exhibitors, attracting more than 45,000 visitors from around 114 countries.

Ross from GDL has been involved in exhibiting there down the years, so knows the Fair well. This year, he's back again, and he'll be very busy over 3 days meeting clients and potential clients from India, South Africa, America, Germany, Sweden, Chile, Spain and Argentina. He'll also be spending some time with suppliers, customers and old friends from the UK - there never seems to be quite enough time to visit them back home!

Ross is traveling with Andrew Huggett of HPP.  Andrew makes the world famous Huggett moderators for airguns, and for him, it will be his first time at the show. 

IWA is the place for companies to launch new models and make announcements about new products...

November 15, 2016

GDL have been on a trip to the Imperial War Museum at Duxford Airfield near Cambridge (UK) to meet a different breed of high flyers altogether.

Ross & Janet were invited along to an exporting event run by the UK Government’s Department for International Trade. GDL has its own trade  adviser and access to a number of great events which draw together business experts from around the world.

Hats off to the UK Government for continuing to fund this massive support network. It’s worth it because for every pound the Government spends helping SMEs, it's estimated that the country gets £22 back.

The day involved meetings with some of the most knowledgeable commerce gurus around.

They'd flown in from all parts: 

Australia; Cambodia; Chile; China; Colombia; the Czech Republic; Ghana; India; Myanmar; Slovakia; South Korea; Pakistan; Philippines; Turkey, & USA. So we were able to 'visit' a whole range of countries and talk to people from some pretty far flung places without being further t...

October 18, 2016

Ross M from GDL 'flew the flag' for Britain at the Extreme Benchrest competition (6-10th October) in Phoenix, Arizona. He shot in the Extreme Big Bore competition in the Calibre .35 and larger class.

This category was dominated by the Bushbuck .45 rifle, designed by Kip Perow of Airguns of Arizona.

Ross came a creditable 3rd, just being pipped by Ron Goodhall, who makes the 365 grain slugs for the .45 Bushbuck.

The winner was Kip Perow himself, so we think that for Ross to be beaten only by his rifle's designer and the bullet manufacturer was nothing to worry too much about! 

The 2 part competition involved a Thursday afternoon shoot at paper targets 200 yards away - 5 holes only in each of  6 targets. Then, on the Sunday morning, part 2, the Steel flash Challenge. Competitors started with 26 bullets. The first target at 85 yards had to be hit 12 times before moving to 200 yards and continuing with however many remaining bullets up to 12 shots.  5 points per hit at 85 yard...

August 11, 2016

The last weekend of July saw the GDL team head off to Ragley Hall in Warwickshire. The Game Fair (formerly the CLA Game Fair) was held at this magnificent stately home near Stratford upon Avon on a weekend where the weather was largely kind to both exhibitors and visitors. 

The Omega SC-3 compressor was there, of course, and while it’s not the type of product customers walk off the stand with, a number of orders have followed since the weekend there.

GDL launched two new product lines – Shilba scopes and binoculars and Trento knives – both of which generated much interest and good sales. 

GDL found itself next door to the ATEO airgun training ranges, so we were able to help fill their bottles when they ran empty!

  Also in the GDL tent was a traditional Bell Target range with three targets - one lit by candles!

The airguns used here were magificent, fully working Lincoln Jeffries Patents dating from around 1905.

The Game Fair included the usual clutch of unusual si...

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