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The Team

the Designer,
in the USA.
in the office.
in the mix. 

It all started with Todd.​

Todd is a bit of a whizz on the design front. He found these compressors and thought he could improve on them. So, he set to work perfecting the design, and then built in many new features: from the compressor itself to the packaging, and the maintenance tools. It appears that Todd never sleeps because, despite the 8 hour time difference between East Anglia and Arizona, he seems to be always on hand to answer any of the more arcane questions which occasionally arise. Todd is:

Guru Engineer 

Then Ross flew to the USA  

Ross has worked with centrefire sporting rifles and latterly airguns​. He's well known in the trade, and met Todd on a trip to a desert shooting range outside Phoenix. Apparently, it was actually a business trip. The compressor was well developed by then, and being sold by his good friends at Airguns of Arizona, who are legendary in the business. Ideas were exchanged, a beer was shared, and Ross came back to the UK with a compressor plan. Thanks to his expertise with a 14mm spanner, Ross is now:

Guru Junior

Janet takes over the office

Janet is an award winning writer who has been running her own businesses for over 30 years. So she knows how to run an outfit. With a great product and sure-fire back up, she keeps Gilbert Distribution on the straight and narrow, deals with customer enquiries, orders, import and export details and makes the compressor manual comprehensible.

Please try to keep her happy because when she's not, then Todd & Ross know all about it!

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