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GDL visits Suffolk Air Rifles

Those happy people down at Suffolk Air Rifles near Ipswich are doing a great job!

Suffolk Air Rifles Exterior

This is their 3rd open evening and finally the weather was good.

The first year they did this it rained, the second it snowed - or was it the other way round - anyway they had to work hard against the elements as the elements worked against them.

This year the sun shone, the car park filled and everyone was much warmer and happier!

The airsoft range was busy (left) while youngsters on the airgun range were well looked after.

Such is the draw power of this event that Giles Barry from the Airgun Gear Show turned up all the way from the West Country. Also there, and having travelled even further was Charlie Jacoby from Fieldsports TV. he was in the car park with all sorts of FS TV gear for sale - the on-screen world isn't all glamour and red carpets! Meanwhile, Jake Peters from Range Right, the shooting supplies wholesaler, came all the way down from Harrogate (a 4 hour journey) to represent Kral Rifles. Happily, our trip was a more modest 40 minutes from base.

A great time was had at a very enjoyable evening, and it was great to meet the SAR team. Thanks to them all.

Just some of the SAR team and visiting VIPs!

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