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GDL Welcomes

Gilbert Distribution Ltd (GDL) has just launched a new website called There, you'll find various accessories such as spotting scopes and binoculars, including the famed Shilba brand - optics from Argentina, built with Japanese lenses at fantastic prices.

Pride of Place on the site though goes to a new scope from a new company - Aztec Optics from the USA.

The Aztec Emerald has been designed with airgunners in mind, but is robust enough to be used on rimfire and centrefire rifles. It comes in 5.5-20 x 50 and will focus down to 10 yards and up to infinity and has a detachable sidewheel:

The Aztec Emerald has been reviewed on YouTube by Matt Dubber in South Africa and Hard Air Magazine in the USA and they loved it.

Xabla is dedicated to finding fresh and innovative accessories that offer real value for money, so do keep on eye on their website.

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