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The Game Fair is here and we're there!

GDL will be appearing at the Game Fair in Hatfield Park (the grounds of Hatfield House) at the end of the month. You'll find us in the airgun marquee, on the way in from the main car park (A). Ross from GDL was down this week - 11th July - to help out with a site visit, and was able to see for himself the leafy spot where the airgun ranges and marquee have been placed.

He said, "The main pedestrian entrance will be opposite the railway station - so it'll be sooo easy to turn up by train and just wander in. The main car park is the other side of the park, so cars and folk on foot should be able largely to avoid each other. It's a great site and I'm sure it will be popular".

Hatfield House sits in an impressive rolling 10,000 acre park and woodland agricultural estate - where there have been deer since the 13th Century.

Please do come and visit us - get your hands on the new AirCharger

AC-1a compressor, and check out the classic SuperCharger. We'll be inside the airgun tent, by the ATEO airgun ranges. See you there!

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