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GDL heads to Port Elizabeth


Matt & his coffee

South Africa's Eastern Cape in March/April is a great place to be. The sun is shining, it's really warm (25-30C), and everyone is happy!

More importantly, Port Elizabeth is home to Matt Dubber of AirArms Hunting SA, whose many airgun videos are to be found on YouTube.

He recently reviewed our new basic model compressor,

The Air Charger AC-1a, which we're bringing to the UK later this year. So we braved lion, zebra and giraffe to meet up with Matt at Houbie Pier, down on the city's waterfront for coffee and a review of the airgun market in South Africa.

Matt does a lot of pest control on local farms outside of P.E., where he says airguns do a fantastic, quieter, and above all else, safer job than traditional rimfire and centrefire rifles.

The Air Charger has transformed his life, meaning he no longer has long, tiresome trips to the dive shop for refills, and it's particularly useful if he goes up country for a few days - he loads it in the car and can easily refill his rifles and bottles on location. Being on the coast, he has also invested in a Diablo Dry Air system to make sure the damp air blown in from the Southern Ocean doesn't taint either rifle or bottle.

Both the SuperCharger and the AirCharger are available in South Africa through our distributer in Johannesburg, Airgun Warehouse.

Ross & Matt by the ocean

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