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The SUPER PORTABLE, SUPER RELIABLE AND SUPER AFFORDABLE,  GX-E-L3 means air power anywhere, anytime!

The L3 is powered by a Lithium battery with a spare slot on board the machine for a second battery. This extends usage time (rather than giving faster fills). The batteries are the Makita compatible type, and we recommend 18v 6ah or above. A mains electricity option is available.

The compressor has been designed to fill only rifles*, but will fill up to 300bar, and features an auto cut-off  for easy filling. Topping up usually takes only a few minutes, so we would expect a fully charged battery would give up to 4 or 5 refills, depending of course, on how much air is needed for each refill.

The fill hose comes fitted with a QD/Foster style female fitting, typical of most personal comps.

The L3 is the latest mini compressor to come out of the same factory which manufactures the prestigious Omega range of compressors and is based on their ever popular GX2 design.


*The L3 will also fill very small bottles such as Best Fittings' Day Tripper 500cc bottle.

Dimensions: 18 x 25 x 28

Weight: 8.2 kg ex batteries.



A significant change in the US$-GBP rates means that we can, at last, drop the price of the L3.

There are a variety of possible options, starting at £435 for the L3 compressor only  - with no batteries or battery charger.

Or we can supply what we call the full package - L3, 2 x18v 6ah batteries, and a battery charger, for just £499 incl vat.

Mainland GB shipping from £16.

To purchase, speak to us by email or by phone.

    =NEW=   GX-L3 Mains Power Adaptor   =NEW=  

The GX-L3 air compressor has a new power option.

Some customers asked us for a mains electricity link, so the L3 can be run at home without depleting batteries to be used out in the field.


The mains power unit (MPU) comprises mains lead, converter and link cable/connector on to the L3.


NOTE: the converter’s power output is 13volts rather than the 18v of the batteries, so the compressor runs more slowly, but this adds fewer than 2 minutes to the typical top up time for a rifle.

The MPU comes ready configured for use in the UK, so just plug in to the mains socket and attach to the compressor and it is ready to power up.


The L3 MPU is £69 incl vat,  plus £6 p&p. 

Now just
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