L3 Unofficial Blue 1.jpg

This is the home of:

the classic SuperCharger (SC-3a), with improved piston performance; 

the upgraded Omega

 AirCharger (AC-1a), with improved piston,

and, NEW FOR '22,

SUPER portable,

lithium powered, L3.



Office hours, UK time

Mon-Thu 0930-1630

Friday 0930-1230

Please note:

The office will be completely closed from Wed 24th Aug until Sunday 4th September 2022 inclusive.

GDL is the specialist in personal,

high pressure compressors.

A KIND WELCOME to all our visitors from Europe, Sweden and from North America.

If you are in mainland Europe, please visit Gehmann in Karlsruhe (gehmann.com). If you are in Sweden please visit Hurricane in Vittsjö (luftvapen.se) who stock the Omega SC-3, or if you are in America visit AoA in Gilbert, (airgunsofarizona.comfor a more local delivery of the Omega range of comprerssors.

From North America?

Contact Airguns of Arizona

for quick delivery of your compressor. We do not stock the SC-3a in 110v.