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Super Charger

The Basics

Omega SC-3a

Super Charger



 Starting Up


The Support Kit: SC-3a

THE SC3a is no longer stocked so is unavailable.


The SC-3a is the latest version of our electric powered compressor and includes an improved piston with significantly better fill performance.

Quieter than ever, you can keep track of usage with its electronic hour meter.  

It weighs in around 32kg, but with a soft grip handle is most definitely portable. It works with the minimum of maintenance. 

It comes in sturdy outer packaging with improved styrofoam boxes within.

Just some of the extras supplied include: maintenance kit, Purple Ice lubricant & antifreeze, a high pressure hose with quick connect, manual, a cover and a 1yr warranty. All SC-3a comps are tested by us before shipping.

Please note: not certified for scuba use.

  • 4500 psi Output

  • Easy Adjust Pressure Shutoff

  • More compact than the original SC-3

  • Grease top-up warning auto system.

  • Improved internal seals and systems.

  • Water and Air Cooled

  • Electronic Hour Logging Meter.

  • Programmable Auto-Vent System

  • Self-Serviceable (Tools and Spares Included)

  • Fill Times (approx):     Rifle: 3 mins approx.

  • 7l tank top up - 200 to 300bar... 21mins

  • EVERY SC-3a is  tested by us before delivery to you.

To start for the first time, begin with adding the Purple Ice, then the anti- freeze, and top up with regular water

(not distilled water).


DO NOT operate the Omega compressor without having added water. The water is essential to cooling the compressor.


Set the moisture vent controls on the front panel.

One control is for the frequency of the vent, the other for the length of vent. In the UK we recommend setting it to vent for 5 seconds every 5-10 minutes. Now connect hose with the quick connect 1/8th BSP and you're ready.  

If you are filling just rifles, and given the average rifle fill is only 2-3 minutes, then you will naturally vent the system when you de-pressurise the hose to disconnect it from the rifle. 

The Omega Super Charger comes with a basic maintenance kit. It comprises various parts: a spare burst disc, tools, a special piston spanner, a 

re-written manual and a dust cover. Also included are two plastic bottles, 1 of anti-freeze and 1 of Purple Ice which must be put into the water reservoir before it is topped up with clean, standard water.

If there's a compressor problem which your local distributer or we can't fix, then the SuperCharger's designer is just a quick email away from us.

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