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Thank You for being so complimentary

Blowing Our Own Trumpet!

Just thought we'd take a moment to thank our customers for their kind comments about us, and our service. We strive as hard as we can to 'go the extra mile' and solve customers' compressor needs so it's wonderful when they respond with messages such as these:

UK: Compressor arrived yesterday, Just wanted to say thank you for the excellent customer service and what a great well thought out product the compressor and its spares are.

Midlands UK: My compressor arrived safely today. What a fantastic bit of kit, filled 3 guns in a fraction of the time it takes me just to get to the dive shop. Many thanks for your first class customer service.

Scotland: Arrived this morning, thank you for a terrific service.

Abu Dhabi UAE: Thank you for your kind treatment and helpful information.

UK: You have been most helpful ... thanks again for the support. It is very refreshing that you come back to me quickly as well.

S.E. UK: Thanks for this - will get this paid later on today for you. thanks again for the great service.

USA: Wish your company was in the US. Seems as if you have a great business ethic - helping any customer. We need more companies like yours. (In the USA, Gilbert Dist recommends AoA)

UK: Thanks so much - I would like to proceed and order one for the London address I gave you ... ASAP!

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