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The Omega and Filling for Scuba

We've had a number of enquiries recently from the scuba community about the suitability of the Omega SC3 for filling dive bottles with breathing air, as opposed to compressed air used by airgunners.

We've been in touch with the designer and this is the latest:

"The SC3 compressor is not currently suitable to produce breathing air for divers, although we are re-designing it to do just that. A new model will be on the market very soon.

Thanks to there being no oil in the air which the compressor produces and, due to the high level of filtration already used in the OMEGA compressor, the SC3 can be used in conjunction with a certificated diver's air filtration attachment. Just check that the connections between the air hose on the compressor and the filter etc. are compatible."

We'll let you know when we have one suitable for diving.


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