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Gilbert Distribution @ IWA

Not for the first time, Gilbert Distribution was visiting IWA in Germany. This major outdoor sports exhibition is Nurenberg is an weekend event (4th-7th March) and we were there to meet the European distributers of the Omega Compressor; our American partners; and to do some deals for a new project coming soon.

Early morning IWA, before the crowds arrive.

IWA is a huge event, spread over 8 massive exhibition halls. To give you an idea, last year there were 1,379 exhibitors and 41,748 visitors from 121 countries across the world. So, it’s a very busy place. New products are showcased, introductions made, deals done & new and old friends do business and then relax after a hard day on the somewhat unforgiving exhibition floors!

Mr Karlheinz Schweigert, Gehmann GmbH

Our German distributer who looks after most of Europe for us is Gehmann GmbH. Here is their chief engineer in action, with the Omega SC3 air compressor just behind him.

Gilbert's Ross Marshall with AoA's Robert Buchanan

Meanwhile, here is GDL's Ross Marshall with the owner of Airguns of Arizona (AoA), Robert Buchanan. AoA handle sales of the Omega compressor in North and South America. They are either discussing sales figures, or, more likely, as they are both whisky fans, the merits of a fine malt!

Tobias Rosen, Freddie Axelsson & Ross Marshall

Tobias Rosen of Hurricane Luftvapen AB is the Swedish distributer of the Omega SC-3. He and Ross of GDL were having a serious chat about compressor maintenance before Frederick Axelsson, owner of FX Airguns, came between them to lighten the mood with a good story!

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