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GDL takes 3rd at Extreme Benchrest USA

Ross M from GDL 'flew the flag' for Britain at the Extreme Benchrest competition (6-10th October) in Phoenix, Arizona. He shot in the Extreme Big Bore competition in the Calibre .35 and larger class.

Ross takes aim at the paper target 200 yards away

This category was dominated by the Bushbuck .45 rifle, designed by Kip Perow of Airguns of Arizona.

Ross came a creditable 3rd, just being pipped by Ron Goodhall, who makes the 365 grain slugs for the .45 Bushbuck.

The winner was Kip Perow himself, so we think that for Ross to be beaten only by his rifle's designer and the bullet manufacturer was nothing to worry too much about!

The 2 part competition involved a Thursday afternoon shoot at paper targets 200 yards away - 5 holes only in each of 6 targets. Then, on the Sunday morning, part 2, the Steel flash Challenge. Competitors started with 26 bullets. The first target at 85 yards had to be hit 12 times before moving to 200 yards and continuing with however many remaining bullets up to 12 shots. 5 points per hit at 85 yards, and 10 points per hit at 200 yards. Then scores were totaled for the two parts. Confused? Best just to take aim and keeping hitting those targets!!

85 yrd and 200 yrd steel targets
The 85 yards steel target

The 3 Winners: Ross, Ron and Kip

The three winners, Ross (3rd), Ron (2nd) & Kip (1st)

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