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GDL heads to Nuremberg for IWA

It's probably the biggest hunting and shooting sports trade fair in the world - IWA Outdoor Classics takes place every year at the beginning of March in Nuremberg, Bavaria, in Germany. There are more than 1,450 exhibitors, attracting more than 45,000 visitors from around 114 countries.

Ross from GDL has been involved in exhibiting there down the years, so knows the Fair well. This year, he's back again, and he'll be very busy over 3 days meeting clients and potential clients from India, South Africa, America, Germany, Sweden, Chile, Spain and Argentina. He'll also be spending some time with suppliers, customers and old friends from the UK - there never seems to be quite enough time to visit them back home!

Ross is traveling with Andrew Huggett of HPP. Andrew makes the world famous Huggett moderators for airguns, and for him, it will be his first time at the show.

IWA is the place for companies to launch new models and make announcements about new products.

GDL will be talking to the shooting press there about something new for the UK which we'll unveil later this year.

The exhibition entrance (photo courtesy of VGN)

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