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How to get around the world in 8 hours without leaving the country!

Duxford Aircraft including Concorde
JT at Duxford

GDL have been on a trip to the Imperial War Museum at Duxford Airfield near Cambridge (UK) to meet a different breed of high flyers altogether.

Ross & Janet were invited along to an exporting event run by the UK Government’s Department for International Trade. GDL has its own trade adviser and access to a number of great events which draw together business experts from around the world.

Hats off to the UK Government for continuing to fund this massive support network. It’s worth it because for every pound the Government spends helping SMEs, it's estimated that the country gets £22 back.

The day involved meetings with some of the most knowledgeable commerce gurus around.

They'd flown in from all parts:

Australia; Cambodia; Chile; China; Colombia; the Czech Republic; Ghana; India; Myanmar; Slovakia; South Korea; Pakistan; Philippines; Turkey, & USA. So we were able to 'visit' a whole range of countries and talk to people from some pretty far flung places without being further than an hour from base.

Omega compressors are already selling worldwide, and India could be a new market soon for GDL.

There’s a real opportunity there.

Stuart Muir, India

We are always trying to ensure that we have the best people in situ to be able to assist and advise.So we sat down and talked to Stuart Muir, Regional Business Adviser, UK India Business Council.

With an estimated 300 million people whose income is classified as "middle class", that is equivalent to almost half of the population of the entire EU, you can see why our Prime Minister visited there recently.

Chilean rep Oliver Moss

Slovakian Rep Denisa Brighton

Slovakia rep Denisa Brighton->

<- Chile rep Oliver Moss

The only trouble with the day was.. it wasn't long enough. Finally, we would like to congratulate the catering team at Duxford Museum on a particularly good line in strong coffee and super mugs of soup at lunchtime.

Some of the famous aircraft at Duxford

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